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APE Flower Bag Cherry Do-Si-Dos 3.5g

APE Flower Hybrid

Bag Cherry Do-Si-Dos 3.5g

Total Cannabinoids (mg / %) 311.828mg 31.183%
THC (mg / %) 256.626mg 25.663%
CBD (mg / %) 0.530mg 0.053%

Cherry Do-Si-Dos or another name for it “Cherry Dosidos”.
Cherry Do-Si-Dos refers to a hybrid weed strain. It appeared as a result of the hybridization of phenotypes such as OG Kush Breath and Girl Scout Cookies with Dosidos. The effects of Cherry Do-Si-Dos are reported to be felt as balancing. Those who have tried Cherry Do-Si-Dos noted the grape and citrus flavors.
Cherry Dosidos is suitable for evening use. The effect that Dosidos gives is calmness and showing creativity or inventiveness. Some commented that they felt a tingling sensation.







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