APE Double Blunt Marshmallow OG 2.2g   - apeincorpshop.com

APE Double Blunt Marshmallow OG 2.2g  


APE double Blunt Hybrid
Marshmallow OG 4.0 g

Total Cannabinoids (mg / %) 379.24mg 37.924%
THC (mg / %) 317.25mg 31.725%
CBD (mg / %) 1.88mg 0,188%

Marshmallow OG refers to a hybrid weed strain.

Users who smoked Marshmallow OG noted a sweet and fruity taste, some felt vanilla notes.

It's believed that the parents of this strain were OG Kush and unknown cannabis strains that are classified as members of the Bubble Gum family.

Marshmallow OG goes good in the evening or before bed.

Marshmallow cannabis strain's high starts with a happy state of being, followed by feelings of sleepiness, relaxation of the body, and increased appetite.







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