APE Concentrate Watermelon OG 1g. Sugar Diamonds - apeincorpshop.com

APE Concentrate Watermelon OG 1g. Sugar Diamonds

APE Concentrate Indica Watermelon OG 1g. Sugar Diamonds

Total Cannabinoids (mg / %) 832.464mg 83.246%
THC (mg / %) 832.464mg 83.246%
CBD (mg / %) ND ND

Watermelon OG is the most mysterious taste. This is because it is not known which strains were involved in the creation of Watermelon OG and who was its breeder. It belongs to the indica family. From the name you can guess that this strain has a fruity-tropical taste with grape notes. Some noted a slight earthy aftertaste Watermelon OG is suitable for stimulating appetite and for those who do not sleep well. Users noted a relaxing, soporific, blissful effect.







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