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APE Cartridge BOSS OG 1.1g

APE Cartridge Indica BOSS OG 1.1 g.

Total Cannabinoids (mg / %) 954.218mg 95,422%
THC (mg / %) 897.108mg 89,711%
CBD (mg / %) 12.623mg 1,262%

The Boss OG flavor is a cross between balmy OG Kush, which similar in characteristics to Fire OG. Boss OG has a lemon scent, fuel and lime. The flavor is earthy and woody with a touch of lemon pine.

This strain gives feeling of happiness and relaxing effect. Skin gets tingly and onset of creative energy for all of your relaxation needs. Also it helps to get rid of stress and ache.

Boss OG gives a bountiful harvest. A large number of cannabis buds bloom over the course of 9 or 10 weeks. This requires special care for the plant. Rich harvest and first-class flavor make Boss OG popular among growers.







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